Hosted Email connection settings


We offer an online Webmail client which is great for quick access to an inbox or if you can’t access a desktop mail client. Our Webmail uses an open source program called RoundCube and can be accessed at

Simply log in with your email address and password. For day to day usage we would typically recommend a desktop mail client – see below.

Mobile and desktop email client settings

Our servers are also compatible with any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop email client. We recommend the built-in Mail program for iOS and macOS devices. Android phones usually have an email client pre-installed. We particularly like the K9 Mail app for Android, available in the Play Store. Thunderbird is our favourite desktop client and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. It’s a free download from

In order to connect any of these email clients to our Hosted Email servers, you will need the following settings.

IMAP connection settings

Incoming server type: IMAP
Incoming server address:
Use SSL: On
Username: Enter your email address in the format

Outgoing server type: SMTP
Outgoing server address:
Use SSL: On
Authentication: On
 -> If prompted for authentication type, choose Password.
Port: Leave at default, or if prompted to specify, enter 587         

Some email clients implement encrypted SMTP a little differently. If port 587 isn't working for outbound mail, try port 465.

If prompted for a username and password for the outgoing SMTP server, enter the email address and password again.

Self service account management

To change your password, set a Vacation message or tweak your spam filtering settings you can use our self service Customer Portal at

Simply log in with your email address and password.