[Completed] Scheduled maintenance in Amsterdam 2 datacenter, 7-10 November

For safety reasons, some components in the power distribution system supplying our servers in the Amsterdam 2 datacenter require replacement. This will involve 2 short interruptions to our power supply, one affecting our A feeds and one on the B feeds.

The maintenance on the A feed will take place on the 9th of November. As not all equipment connected to the A feed has the capability to automatically fail over to the B feed, we need to migrate some equipment manually prior to the maintenance window. This work will take place on the 7th and 8th of November after 19:00 CET.

Some services in our Amsterdam 2 datacenter may be unavailable for 1-5 minutes during this maintenance.

We will be monitoring our systems carefully throughout the maintenance window, however if one of your system is affected and remains unreachable for more than 5 minutes, please contact support@anu.net so we can investigate and bring you back online ASAP.

The maintenance window on the B feed will take place on the 25th November, but we do not expect any major impact during that time.

Thank you for your understanding.