[Scheduled] Maintenance on power feeds in Amsterdam 2 datacenter

During the coming weeks our colocation service provider for our Amsterdam 2 datacenter will be performing circuit upgrades to enable higher power consumption per rack. As part of this work there will be temporary disruption to our A and B feeds at separate intervals.

We do not envisage any significant impact, however some equipment without redundant power supplies will have to be moved from the A to B feed and then back again prior to the maintenance.

Time windows involved:

2017-09-21 starting at 19:00 CET, preventative maintenance to move any equipment with single power supplied from the A feed onto the B feed. No or minimal disruption anticipated.

2017-10-02 08:00 – 17:00 CET, maintenance window for the A feed. No impact expected.

2017-10-05 to 2017-10-06 (exact window TBA) – preventative maintenance to move any equipment with single power supplied from B feed back to A feed. Some short interruptions of < 5 minutes may be required.

2017-10-09 08:00 – 17:00 CET, maintenance window for the B feed. No impact expected.

[Unscheduled] Xen node failure

Incident start time: 2017-09-15 05:00 CET
Incident status: ongoing
Fault: Xen hypervisor failure on ams2-xen-4-2

We are currently working to restore all affected virtual machines to other Xen nodes. As of 09:00 CET most VMs are back online but some larger images are still copying.

No data has been lost but some services are still disrupted.

Our apologies for the downtime.

If your service is affected, please be assured we are working a quickly as possible to restore all services. For any queries please contact support@anu.net

URL redirects now support TLS encryption

Sometimes it is the small things that matter. Today we integrated Let’s Encrypt support into our URL redirection service, so any customers using our URL redirection server now automatically support TLS encryption, eg. https://domain.com/

Just one small step towards a fully encrypted web.