[Resolved; Update] Outage Amsterdam 2

Update 2014-03-20: Our IP transit provider has provided additional information in relation to the service disruption yesterday.
– The attack was so intense it completely saturated their 10Gbps core switches.
– A 3rd party specialist firm was brought in to filter out the DDoS and let legitimate traffic through.
– The Dutch police are investigating with a view to prosecute the perpetrator of the attack.
– The customer who the attack was targeting are being moved to a segregated IP network so any potential reoccurances of the attack won’t affect our connectivity.

Update 15:12: Service has been fully restored.

2014-03-19 14:25: Our IP transit provider at our Amsterdam 2 datacenter is currently experiencing a DDoS attack on their infrastructure which is affecting connectivity for customers located in our Amsterdam 2 datacenter. Network operations are working on a solution but we do not yet have an ETA. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

SpamTitan upgraded

Our 2nd attempt to upgrade to our new SpamTitan 6.0 server has gone smoothly. There was no disruption to incoming mail flow.

It is possible that customers will receive duplicate Spam Quarantine Report emails tomorrow as the old server is still running alongside the new one and any mail that has already been quarantined prior to the upgrade will remain on the old server until released or automatically purged.

[Postponed] SpamTitan upgrade

Update 22:30: due to complications with the upgrade we have reverted to our old server. We are in contact with SpamTitan support to resolve the issues with the upgrade and will make a 2nd attempt to switch to our new server at a later date.

22:15: We are upgrading our SpamTitan server to the latest build running on a newer, faster hardware. Please bear with us. There may be some delays on incoming mail during the upgrade.