New features in Customer Portal

Today we are pleased to announce a long anticipated update to our Customer Portal which introduces a number of new features:

  • Updated look and feel with new icons and “hamburger” menu.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) support to help keep your account secure. Compatible with any TOTP app such as Google Authenticator or Authy.
  • New rules for minimum password security which strive to strike the right balance between enforcing strong passwords and not getting in the way of choosing the password you want.
  • Ability to schedule out of office “vacation” messages in advance, and to automatically remove the message at a date and time of your choice.
  • Ability to configure Hosted Email mailboxes to forward copies of incoming mail to additional address(es).
  • Numerous minor bug fixes.

Comments, feedback or suggestions welcome at

[Closed] Packet loss in ams2 datacenter

Update 16:54 CET: The network has been stable again for the past 20 minutes so we’re closing this incident. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and follow up with network operations to obtain a reason for outage.

Update 16:36 CET: Engineers have isolated the fault and are working on a solution. We’re currently still seeing minor packet loss but most services are now accessible again.

As of 16:15 CET we are experiencing packet loss via some routes to our Amsterdam 2 datacenter. Network operations is investigating but we do not yet have an ETA on a resolution.

Impacted services: VMs hosted in ams2, Hosted Email, ams2-c6-1 and ams2-c7-1 DirectAdmin servers.

We will update this blog when we know more.

Please contact if you have any queries relating to this incident.

[Complete] Scheduled Maintenance in ie1 (Dublin) datacenter

Update 21:55 IST: Maintenance is now complete.

Engineers will be performing scheduled maintenance on-site in our ie1 (Dublin, Ireland) datacenter in order to debug an issue with a remote management system.

The work will take place on 17 September 2020 between 19:00 – 22:00 Irish standard time.

Services may be disrupted briefly while this essential maintenance is carried out.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.