[Resolved; Update] Outage Amsterdam 2

Update 2014-03-20: Our IP transit provider has provided additional information in relation to the service disruption yesterday.
– The attack was so intense it completely saturated their 10Gbps core switches.
– A 3rd party specialist firm was brought in to filter out the DDoS and let legitimate traffic through.
– The Dutch police are investigating with a view to prosecute the perpetrator of the attack.
– The customer who the attack was targeting are being moved to a segregated IP network so any potential reoccurances of the attack won’t affect our connectivity.

Update 15:12: Service has been fully restored.

2014-03-19 14:25: Our IP transit provider at our Amsterdam 2 datacenter is currently experiencing a DDoS attack on their infrastructure which is affecting connectivity for customers located in our Amsterdam 2 datacenter. Network operations are working on a solution but we do not yet have an ETA. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.