[Complete] SpamTitan server upgrade

2016-02-19 17:55 GMT

As announced 2 weeks ago, we are performing an upgrade on our SpamTitan server. We are commencing work now and will update this blog when complete.

There will be a brief interruption to filtering of inbound mail, we expect this to last no more than 10 minutes.

Update 18:20 GMT: the disruption was less than 5 minutes, and mail is now flowing¬†through¬†the new server. We’ve had to make a few manual config tweaks that weren’t carried over automatically by the configuration export/import tool, but overall the process went fairly smoothly.

Update 18:30 GMT: we’ve tested and monitored log files for the past 20 minutes and everything is running smoothly. The old SpamTitan server is available at https://oldspamtitan.anu.net/, we’ll leave it running for 14 days (after which all quarantined mail will have expired) in case any customers need to log in and retrieve any false positives from it.