Google Chrome soon to mark all HTTP traffic as insecure

Web browsers have been gradually encouraging websites to phase out HTTP traffic in favour of HTTPS traffic (secure encrypted browsing, usually associated with green padlocks / green bars). Some examples of this are displaying warnings if pages contain log in forms / credit card forms and are not served via HTTPS.

Google have announced that version 68 of Google Chrome, due July 2018, will flag up ALL sites served over the http:// protocol as insecure. This is likely to have substancial impact because Google Chrome is now used by over 50% of users and therefore other browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc) will likely follow suit.

It is vital that by then your website is serving all traffic securely over https:// with a valid SSL certificate. We offer a range of SSL certificate options to achieve this and can assist you every step of the way by providing the certificate, installing, renewing and monitoring it for any problems.

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