[Complete] Hosted Email Maintenance

We need to perform routine maintenance on our mail.anu.net Hosted Email platform.

Impacted services: All email accounts on our mail.anu.net Hosted Email platform. You will be unable to download new mail, reply to existing emails or send new emails.

The vast majority of our clients are using our SpamTitan spam filtering solution and all new mail will be queued for delivery in SpamTitan.

For the handful of clients who are not using SpamTitan, the sender’s mail server should hold the mail and try to deliver it again later. There may be a short delay as how often delivery is retried is determined by the sender’s mail server.

Estimated start time: 5th April 2020, 21:00 UK (BST)
Estimated time of completion: 5th April 2020, 22:00 UK (BST)

UPDATE 6th April 2020 02:55 UK: This maintenance work has just begun. Apologies for the delay on this.

UPDATE 6th April 2020 03:25 UK: This maintenance work is now complete. Once again, apologies for the delay.

Please contact support@anu.net if you have any queries relating to this maintenance.