ams2-c7-1 MariaDB Upgrade

Update 2021-03-07 10:30AM UK: This work has been completed. No major issues have been spotted. Please keep an eye out for any site specific issues on your website. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience!

Update 2021-03-07 09:45AM UK: This work has begun. A backup of all databases has completed and the MariaDB server is now upgrading. We will provide a further update by 10:30 UK.

Update 2021-03-07 08:30AM UK: This work will begin at 09:30 UK. We will start by taking a backup of all databases. We will provide a further update by 10:00 UK.

Here at Anu, we care deeply about the security of our customer’s data so therefore regularly upgrade our software to newer versions to ensure we are receiving important patches.

We will be upgrading MariaDB on ams2-c7-1 to 10.2 on March 7th, 2021. This will ensure we continue to obtain security fixes until 2022 when we will review and upgrade again as necessary.

Common applications such as WordPress, Magento Drupal and others will already be fully compatible with this so we expect the upgrade to go smoothly and most customers will not to have to do anything.

If you have bespoke applications or if you run legacy versions of open source software then you may need to check if everything will be compatible. You can read more about all changes and improvements, including any breaking changes on the official MariaDB website:

If you have any questions or need any support on this matter, do not hesitate to email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.