Price list adjustments effective 2023-01-01

This is nobody’s favourite topic given inflationary pressures, and we’ve held off as long as we possibly could. As a business just like many out there we’re not immune from the global headwinds.

Unfortunately effective 1 Jan 2023 we are having to make a few adjustments to our price list to reflect the current exchange rates, energy markets and incessant price increases we have had to absorb from almost all of our suppliers over the past year.

We’ve really tried to keep things to a minimum. For example Web Hosting Small is going from £8 to £9 per month. Hosted Email 1 mailbox is rising £0.50 per month. Our managed server base price is rising from £42 to £49 per month, but we’ve kept all add-on services like additional RAM, CPU cores, storage and IP transit the same. For a copy of our full price list please use the “Download our price list” button on our What We Offer page.

Updated prices will be reflected on your 2023 invoice(s). If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Chris Wik.