[Resolved] Amsterdam 2 datacenter outage

Update 10:51: we’re back online. The fault was with one of the IP transit providers’ connections to our Amsterdam 2 datacenter which has now been resolved. Apologies again to all affected customers.

Our upstream IP transit provider at the Amsterdam 2 datacenter is experiencing an outage this morning as of 10:05. Engineers are on site working to resolve the issue. We’ll update this post as more information becomes available. Apologies to all affected customers.

CentOS 7 released

Our Linux OS of choice, CentOS, have just released version 7.  See the announcement and the release notes for details.

For the first time, there will be a supported migration path from CentOS 6 to 7, so customers currently running on CentOS 6 will in future be able to upgrade to CentOS 7 with minimal work involved. Customers running CentOS 5 who wish to move to 7 will need to provision a new CentOS 7 VM and migrate their data as was the case with previous CentOS upgrades.

For any customers wishing to upgrade we will as always be happy to provide an additional VM running CentOS 7 which you can run in parallel to your existing VM(s) while you migrate your data for up to 30 days free of charge. Contact us for details.

[Resolved] Partial outage Amsterdam 1 datacenter

Update 13:30 All VM disks have been fsck’d, a few minor errors fixed, no major problems found.

Update 11:15 Service has been restored, however we will be shutting down all VMs hosted in Amsterdam 1 one at a time to run fsck to ensure the disks are clean. This will take a few minutes per VM.

10:55 A partial outage is affecting Xen VMs hosted at our Amsterdam 1 datacenter. We are investigating and hope to restore service within the next 15 minutes.